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About TMC

Who We Are

Tropical Marine Centre (TMC) has been Europe’s leading supplier of quality marine fish and invertebrates to the ornamental trade since 1970, importing more than 1800 species of livestock from 26 countries around the world.

TMC supplies livestock and aquatic products to over 1200 retail stores in the UK and over 500 in the Iberian Peninsula. TMC also has a well-established distribution network in mainland Europe with at least two distributors in each of the major European countries.

The Company is also the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative commercial filtration equipment and quality branded aquatic products including the award-winning AquaRay Solid State Lighting range and the REEF for Advanced Aquarists range.




Our Vision



Where We Are

The Company operates two large livestock and cash and carry facilities in the UK (London and Manchester) and one in Europe (TMC Iberia, based in Lisbon).


Supplier Values

TMC sources more than 1800 species of fish and inverts, including tank bred species where possible, direct from suppliers in 26 countries worldwide.  Because of this short supply chain the Company can offer consistent, high quality livestock.

These suppliers have been chosen for their commitment to the same best practice procedures that underpin TMC's whole business and philosophy - ethically sourced fish and an investment in a sustainable trade.

From the moment TMC livestock is collected (with all fish being individually net caught), everything possible is done to ensure the optimum health and welfare of the livestock and to minimise stress.

Livestock is held near to the catching area in well designed and carefully managed holding facilities, often using filtration systems supplied by TMC. This local attention to detail, combined with careful packing and transportation procedures, ensures that, even after a long flight, livestock arrives in the UK in the very best condition.




TMC invests a great deal of time and money in ensuring that the marine keeping hobby is sustainable and can be enjoyed by generations to come.

TMC's pioneering work on welfare and environmental issues, relating to the collection and importation of marine fish, together with its partnerships with many worldwide conservation organisations, has given it a world-renowned reputation and established it as a centre of excellence and technical expertise within the ornamental marine fish industry.  

Indeed, TMC was the first MAC certified importer in the UK and one of the first in Europe, demonstrating TMC's commitment to best practice guidelines.




TMC works hard to reduce costs and minimize its carbon footprint and, in consultation with The Carbon Trust, is constantly looking at energy-saving measures which can be implemented at its four sites.  This includes replacing old halides and fluorescents with energy efficient LED lighting, installing eco boilers and low energy hand driers and ensuring as much waste as possible is recycled.

We also encourage and incentivise our customers to be more environmentally friendly, and one scheme we have introduced, our "Return and Re-Use Your Fish Boxes" campaign, has seen almost 1600 boxes re-used in the first 8 months of the scheme.

Investors in People - SILVER

At Tropical Marine Centre we believe our employees are our greatest asset and recognise that it is our responsibility as an employer of choice to ensure they are afforded appropriate development and opportunity.  We do this by instilling a culture through our values of  Animal Welfare, Sustainability, Quality, Passion, and Expertise,   These values are achieved through recognised behaviours from our people,  our customers and within our daily operations.   Our strategy, policies and practices incorporate these values.  We expect every person within TMC to be able to demonstrate these values and foster an environment where we work together Inspiring synergy between people and nature.

In September 2015 we were formally awarded the Investors in People standard award, the first UK aquatics wholesaler to achieve this standard.   Since then we have developed into SILVER status.  We are very proud to achieve this nationally recognised standard that assesses an organisations capability to stand amongst the best in the world, when it comes to people management.  Our journey with Investors in People does not stop at accreditation. We strive for continuous improvement and constantly develop our people management practices across the business.


Join Our Team

“Animal Welfare, Sustainability, Quality, Passion, and Expertise.”

If you share our values we could be the company for you!  We actively recruit talent who believe in, and can demonstrate, our key values.  There are many different opportunities at TMC both in the UK and in Lisbon Portugal. To find out how to apply please click below.

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Company Details UK

Tropical Marine Centre Ltd
Solesbridge Lane


UK Reg no. 06804160
UK VAT no. GB 945 6416 03

Trade Associations

  • OATA - The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association     
  • LIA - Lighting Industry Association    


Company Details iberia

Tropical Marine Centre Ltd, Sucursal em PORTUGAL

Parque Industrial do Arneiro
2660-456 S. Julião do Tojal

PT Reg no – PT980387132
PT VAT no – PT980387132

Trade Associations

  • AEDPAC - Organización Europea Del Animal De Compañía     
  • APCPAC - Associação Portuguesa de Comerciantes de Produtos para Animais de Companhia