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TMC Fluid Sand Tower FST5200A/P bio filter

TMC Fluid Sand Tower FST5200A/P bio filter
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Highly efficient biological filtration.
Easy to service and fit.
Complete with:-
Supply pipework.
Anti-siphon device.
Diffuser bowl.
Oolitic sand media.
Top flow sight glass.

• TMC Fluid Sand Tower utilise the most efficient method of aerobic biological filtration available.

• The specially designed sand diffuser bowl, in conjunction with the carefully graded filter media, means that TMC FST fluidise uniformly and quickly at minimum water pressure.

• All units come complete with supply pipe work including an anti-siphon device, grade #2 oolitic sand,  ABS replaceable sand diffuser bowl and topflow sight glass (non-pressurised units only).

• All TMC Fluid Sand Tower feature our unique, flexible double O-Ring inlet boss system for easy servicing and the simple removal and replacement of pipework and components.

• TMC Fluid Sand Tower incorporate a unique anti-siphon device which guarantees that in the event of a power/flow interruption, no media will back-siphon into the supply pipework.

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