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TMC System 10000 Freshwater

TMC System 10000 Freshwater
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A complete, compact, plug and play recirculation filtration system (RAS) for use in freshwater applications. Ideally suited for hatcheries, research facilities, retail shops, as well as public aquaria displays and quarantine systems.

• Space saving design incorporating mechanical, biological and UV filtration.

• Double reservoir design and double bag filter system  for enhanced mechanical filtration.  

• Water flow to the livestock tanks supplied via a Twin  double pass UV for effective sterilisation. 

• Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, PVC and  acrylic components, suitable for marine environments. 

• Robust, double walled and fully insulated reservoirs. 

• Can be re-assembled in a matter of hours without  any specialist tools. 

• Manufactured in the UK.

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