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TMC System 10000 Marine with PSW5500 Protein Skimmer

TMC System 10000 Marine with PSW5500 Protein Skimmer
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• A separate pump from the livestock pump (not included) circulates the water around the filtration unit.

• Maintenance of the filtration components can be carried out without any interruption to the livestock supply.

• Individual components can be removed and replaced easily.

• The filtration system can be set up and run independently, allowing maturation of the biological filters, without connection to the livestock tanks.

• Systems come complete with all filtration pipework and are supplied ready to assemble with no gluing required.

• These systems can also be supplied without a reservoir.

• 2x605 litre pallet reservoir constructed of HDPE complete with GRP support grid.

• 2xRT 5000 mechanical bag filter unit. One supplied with 200 micron filter bags, one supplied with 100 micron filter bags.

• FST 5280A/P Compact fluidised sand filter complete with 30kg of oolitic coral sand.

• 2xTBT 5300 re-gassing/trickling bio-tower complete with 70 litres of 1” TMC Bio-rings random fill media (210m2/m3).

• PSW 5500 protein skimmer complete with an AV75 venturi/supply pump and internal and external foam cup wash kits.

• TMC commercial UV steriliser P8TWIN-880W.

• Filtration circulation pump - AV150.

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