TMC System 20000 Marine

TMC System 20000 Marine
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Basic System
 4 x FST5200A/P fluid sand towers
 2 x TBT800 trickle towers, with supply channel and lids
 1 x PSW5500P Protein Skimmer , including venturi and supply pump
 2 x P10T (2200W total) TMC UV sterilisers
 Recommended Accessories (available from TMC)
 Supply Pump. Will be based on the required flow rates/turnover times required.
 Suggested: 4 x 2 hp self priming pumps.
 Heater/Chiller . Dependent on required temperature, ambient temperature and insulation.
 Battery Autowash Timers for Protein SkimmerWash Kits (external and internal).
 Ozone Generator . Aids in protein skimming and to enhance water clarity.
 Redox Controller . For control of ozone injection.
 Additional mechanical filtration of return water to remove faeces and uneaten food. Several options are available, dependent on application. for further information on mechanical filtration.
 Reservoir . A custom reservoir and support grating can be built to your specifications. Please ask for details.
 A degassing channel can be custom fitted if required.

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