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RK2 Systems RK25 PE Protein Skimmer

RK2 Systems RK25 PE Protein Skimmer
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• RK2 Protein Skimmer bodies are a one piece, rotationally molded design, eliminating the potential for leaks and failures from seams and weld points.

• Using HDPE makes the bodies rugged and ozone safe. They are also UV resistant making them safe for indoor or outdoor applications.

• Automatic washdown systems allow for a simple programming of rinse cycles, reducing maintenance and ensuring optimum performance.

• Separate ozone connection ports and air flow meters enable precise controlled airflow and ozone injection.

• Molded HDPE Screw Top Lid for easy access.

• Clear Sight Gauge to enable you too simply monitor skimmer run levels.

• Available for saltwater and freshwater applications.

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