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BioLumen Master Control Unit

BioLumen Master Control Unit
Advanced multi-mode, multi-channel network controller
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Provides accurate timing and dimming of up to 30 BioLumen PowerPods/Signal Converters or other BioLumen compatible light sources. Along with the specific spectra of BioLumen lighting, this controller can be used to entrain animals' internal clocks, therefore regulating hormone production and improving wellbeing.

• Allows for simple programming using on, off and ramp times or seasonal variation based on latitude/longitude coordinates. 

• Compatible with all BioLumen lighting as well as some third  party products.    

• Programmable over USB/Bluetooth from a windows device. 

• Applies up to 4 distinct lighting programs. 

• Programs are addressable to all or user defined groups of lights. 

• Includes drift functionality, allowing for gradual changes to  programs over user defined period.