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Biosystems is the commercial division of Tropical Marine Centre, and incorporates both the Biofiltration (formerly TMC Commercial) and Biolumen lighting divisions.

We have been manufacturing and distributing filtration components and complete plug and play recirculating filtration systems for over 20 years, using them in our own livestock holding facilities for nearly 50 years. From this hands on understanding of how water filtration systems impact water quality and ultimately animal welfare, we have refined our designs to produce products that have been trusted across the globe in applications ranging from fish farming, shellfish holding, and depuration, to public aquaria, retail and research facilities. 

The Biolumen team have been at the forefront of LED lighting design since the early 2000's, starting out as one of the first adopters of LED lighting for highly light dependant corals. Over the years, and working with various research facilities, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of  the importance of light as a primary driver of biological processes, reducing stress and increasing animal wellbeing. Our objective is to understand as much as possible about the photic requirements of the cultured animal, and to deliver the correct spectrum, intensity and photoperiod to replicate natural light and light cycles.The results don’t only play out in cost savings through energy reductions, but also through lowered stress and increased animal welfare. Successes have been seen across a variety of sectors including Aquaculture, Public Aquaria, Pig and Poultry farming.