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Agri Sector

Biosystems have been active in the agriculture sector since 2014. Our strong understanding of husbandry combined with a background in life sciences means that we are well placed to understand the problems faced and tackle them head on. 

Starting with lighting we are offering technologies never before seen in these sectors and are creating outcomes that no one ever thought was possible just through a change in light. We recognise that in modern agriculture it is all about creating marginal gains and we strive to achieve these by applying simple and robust technology. Sometimes those gains can have significant impact on a business’s performance. 

We are also proud to present our Biolumen Agricontrol - a lighting controller designed specifically for use in the agri sector. With an easy to use push button display and simple selector switch to manually override the program, accurate lighting control has never been so easy. 

Perhaps you are looking for a lighting solution to give you energy savings, but we at Biosystems can offer so much more: From improvements in health and welfare through to better feed conversion ratios and reduced vice. There is a good reason to be looking at our products. 

The industries listed below are where we are active, but we are open to any application that you can think of! Feel free to contact us for further information.

Agri Sectors