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Research Facilities

Our centralised filtration systems are popular solutions for research facilities; their small space saving modular design making them an ideal plug and play option, especially where replication is a prerequisite. We are also able to supply filtration components to extend or upgrade existing systems.

Our comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions can also be tailored to suit any fish systems, as well as for high light demanding plants, corals or micro algae. The light fixtures can be linked into our Biolumen controller, providing the ability to programme a simple user defined photoperiod with ramp up and ramp down to simulate sunrise/sunset, to much more complex lighting regimes replicating seasonal lighting shifts in day length and intensity.

In these types of applications, it is normally essential to ensure that water quality parameters are logged, and that operators are notified if there are any exceptions or issues. Our range of monitoring and control equipment covers all needs from simple test kits, to handheld monitors and fully integrated control systems with alarm outputs.