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The BioLumen App is available as a Chrome App. Google Chrome is available here and the app can be found here.

Drivers for the BioLumen Control Unit are available for download here. Please check the “readme” file included in the download for instructions on how to install.

The BioLumen Program Set-up File is an Excel template to create a seasonal photoperiod profile, assisting users in tracking seasonal variation without the use of Solar mode in the BioLumen App. It can be downloaded here

Video Tutorials

BioLumen Introduction: System Overview

Tutorial 1: Units, Groups and Programs

Tutorial 2: Pairing the BioLumen Controller

Tutorial 3: Program Modes

Tutorial 4: Targeting a Program

Tutorial 5: Solar Advance - Winter max & Summer max


This tool allows you to retrieve the precise coordinates of anywhere in the world, which can then be entered into the Biolumen control interface to mimic seasonal changes in daylength at that location.