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Seafood Holding

Biosystems has been supplying filtration systems into the seafood sector for over 20 years. 

Our Small Scale Shallow Tank Depuration System has been a popular plug and play solution for shellfish depuration facilities, and being built to the standard Seafish design means that obtaining approval is a straightforward affair. We have also designed and supplied filtration components for larger customised systems, as well as pre-treatment of inflow water.

More recently protein skimmers and ozone have been utilised to further enhance water quality, and aid in sterilisation.

Our centralised filtration systems are popular plug and play solutions for lobster and crab holding systems, which can be linked up with the specialised shellfish holding tanks for a complete shellfish holding solution. We are also able to supply filtration components to extend or upgrade existing systems, as well as a range of monitoring and control equipment and low energy, inverter driven chillers.

For both depuration and shellfish holding systems in need of artificial salt, we can supply a premium quality synthetic salt containing all trace elements, ensuring stable water parameters to support optimum health of the animals. Bulk sizes and pricing is available.