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“High quality, innovative products for the marine aquarist including own-brand and distributed ranges”

TMC’s own-brand marine products evolved from the desire to keep the livestock in our care in the best possible conditions and so our first “life support” systems were developed, including filtration and UV sterilisation products. The success we had with these products at our own fish-holding facilities, prompted us to develop consumer versions and the Vecton UV Aquarium Steriliser, a market leader for more than 30 years, was one of the first to be launched!

Since then, the number of products we supply has increased enormously, and now includes our own-brand ranges - V2, REEF, Gamma, AquaRay and AquaHabitats - and distributed ranges such as Tropic Marin and Salifert, with products including food, skimmers, salt, test kits, lighting, optiwhite glass aquariums and much, much more!

The marine expertise we have acquired from our own experience of more than 45 years of keeping livestock, means we are in a unique position to develop and bring to market innovative, effective products, for both beginner and advanced hobbyists.

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