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How do I verify that I’m buying genuine TMC livestock?

TMC has made it easy for you to purchase high quality livestock with confidence. All TMC fish and inverts are now supplied to your retailer with their own unique identification label for display on in-store tanks. Always look for the label - your guarantee that your livestock has enjoyed First Class treatment, from reef to retail.

How is TMC different from other livestock suppliers?

TMC sources more than 1800 species of fish and inverts, including tank bred species where possible, directly from suppliers in 26 countries worldwide. Because of this short supply chain TMC can offer consistent, high quality livestock. These suppliers have been chosen for their commitment to the same best practice procedures that underpin TMC's whole business and philosophy – ethically sourced fish and an investment in a sustainable trade.

From the moment TMC livestock is collected (with all fish being individually net caught), everything possible is done to ensure the optimum health and welfare of the livestock and to minimise stress. Livestock is held near to the catching area in well designed and carefully managed holding facilities, often using filtration systems supplied by TMC. This local attention to detail, combined with careful packing and transportation procedures, ensures that, even after a long flight, livestock arrives in the UK in the very best condition.

TMC invests a great deal of time and money in ensuring that the marine keeping hobby is sustainable and can be enjoyed by generations to come.

TMC's pioneering work on welfare and environmental issues, relating to the collection and importation of marine fish, together with its partnerships with many worldwide conservation organisations, has given it a world-renowned reputation and established it as a centre of excellence and technical expertise within the ornamental marine fish industry. Indeed, TMC was the first MAC certified importer in the UK and one of the first in Europe, demonstrating TMC's commitment to best practice guidelines.

How can I get hold of spare parts and instructions for TMC products?

Spare parts and instructions can be ordered in by your local TMC stockist so please contact them direct.  Instructions are also available for download on our website, under each individual product.

How do I return a faulty/damaged product?

You must contact the TMC stockist from whom you purchased the item and they will advise you on their returns procedure. If they are not able to address your issues please contact us direct.

Can I buy direct from TMC?

Only if you are a trade customer and have set up an account with TMC.

Can the public visit TMC?

Unfortunately not. We sell to trade only so our sites are only open to our trade customers.

How do I find my local stockist and buy TMC livestock?

You can purchase TMC livestock from your local TMC stockist.  To find your local stockist please click on the “Find a Dealer” button at the top of the page then add in your postcode or town. Select how far you are willing to travel, then click submit, and a list of TMC stockists within your specified area will be displayed.

How do I open an account with TMC?

We have strict criteria when opening a TMC account: you must be a registered retailer trading from retail premises or, if applying for a commercial account, you must be a fish farm, hatchery or fish holding centre.

You will be asked to complete a new account application form and return it to the Chorleywood address along with your trading licence (obtained from your local council).

We do not offer “Dry Goods Only accounts”.  Upon receipt, the paperwork will be processed, and our company representative will contact you to arrange an appointment to view your livestock holding facilities.