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EcoReef Cultured FRAGS
Feb . 02 / 2024

EcoReef Cultured – Has been providing Tropical Marine Centre customers with a one stop shop to buy UK produced hard and soft coral frags.

Coral frags have become very popular over the last few years; this is due to their smaller size which means for a customer that –

  • Cheaper to buy.
  • More can be added to a tank as they take up less space.
  • A wider variety of corals can be kept.
  • You can watch your coral grow from a frag to a colony.
  • Environmentally Sustainable

Last year we installed brand-new holding system’s in our fish house to be able to produce and grow on more frags plus allow them the time to rest and receive the expert care they deserve. This system is now fully matured and cultivating amazing corals!

- Order all your frags from one easily accessible place - order via the EcoReef Section of the Tropical Marine Centre online dealer portal which is updated daily.

- Huge variety to choose from

- All frags produced and grown at our UK facility. All our corals are ethically and sustainably sourced from our long-established worldwide supply lines.