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Felix Sproll, former TMC family member, wins the first edition of the World Landscape Photographer
Jun . 25 / 2021

It is great happiness that we see the former TMC family member, Felix Sproll, winning the first edition of the World Landscape Photographer.

The World Landscape Photographer was founded in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic by Nigel Danson, landscape photographer. The aim of the competition is to raise as much money for charity as possible whilst bringing together the best nature photographers from around the world in a competition.

With an amazing photo of the coast of Ireland entitled "Atlantic Winter Storm meets Ireland", Felix Sproll became the first winner out of 1450 entries.

"I had visited this area on the west coast of Ireland several times during rough seas, the last time, just after a storm with 30ft swell but with offshore winds but the waves just didn't look as big and intimidating as I wanted. So, I returned when there was another big winter storm but this time with a strong onshore wind to whip up the sea. The wind was bitter cold and blowing the sea spray well inshore, making it difficult to look out to sea never mind shot. It was also extremely difficult to pick out a subject or composition with the sea being a massive ever-changing mess. I enjoyed the experience of feeling nature's force, as the wind and waves battered the coast, and didn’t worry about pictures too much. As I explored the coast, I eventually came across this scene. The waves showed their true size with the cliffs for scale, some even bouncing off the cliffs and coming back to hit the next wave sending it even higher into the air. The cold was forgotten as I shot the scene for the next hour", said Felix.

"It is one of the rare images I've seen where you can truly feel the elements as if you were there. The dramatic mood, endless waves and mist carry you into the image where you can get lost for hours discovering new details.", said Cath Simard, one of the juries.

Congratulations Felix, the world champion!

TMC Team