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First steps of the "new" aquarium
Aug . 22 / 2023

Embarking on this new chapter with the aquarium project, the students' excitement continues to burn bright. Their spirits remain undeterred even as the initial signs of algae growth begin to make their presence felt within the aquatic ecosystem they're diligently crafting. As time progresses, a solution comes into view: the introduction of a cleaning team comprised of shrimps and snails...

Week 8

The aquarium looks good, the water is right as well. Now that the sun has started to shine the tank has started to turn green from the algae. Some of them looked like a green hair and Sir showed us how to get those out quickly by using a bamboo stick and slowly turning it around the algae. We also cleaned the glass with a sponge and covered the two sides of the aquarium to shade it. We saw some tiny dots moving around the tank. Sir said it was plankton, showing that the tank is doing well. He said that we will get snails and a shrimp next week. It’s very exciting!