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Foreward Thinking
Mar . 05 / 2020

World Book Day in UK is upon us again. Celebrations for this day take place in various formats depending on which country you are in but at the end of the day it isn’t about dressing up to your favourite character or going to a library but to celebrate an almost lost art of book reading. Today is World Book Day and TMC have been working on this for a year now….


As most of us evolved into the 21st century most of our habits changed. Many aspects of our lives have become better and easier to reach and access. Information is one of them. These days any questions can be immediately answered through the internet via reputable sources of even from self-professed specialists or keyboard warriors always willing to share their “unbiased” opinion on all topics of their lifestyle and their hobby.


When it comes to our Aquarium hobby books have always been a part of it. We all still remember flickering through impressive Encyclopaedias of fish or corals. These could be found our local brick and mortars shop and there was  a special section behind the counter for books. Some of us where even lucky to have owned a copy to satisfy our curiosity on the incredible variety and diversity we see in the aquarium industry.


These books have shaped us. They have defined the path in life for many of todays hobbyists, ecologist, environmentalists, naturalists and scientists.


It was with this in mind that during the last year we sent over 5000 free of charge extra copies in a limited run of TMC publishing series. These were sent and made accessible to all of our customers and spread across Europe. Hopefully you will have come across one or two copies and are now able to enjoy as much as we do and finding out a little bit more about the species we love and nurture in our tanks.


Enjoy World Book day…