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Free Range Layer Hen Case Study - Rymer Farm, Suffolk
Jan . 22 / 2021

Biolumen lighting technology is shown to improve hen welfare by reducing instances of aggression and feather pecking. Improved egg mass was observed as well as a reduction in mortality.

House 1 was installed with Biolumen lighting and House 2 was installed with competitor’s induction LED system. The trial ran for a full batch (13 months).







Size of Barn: 19 x 40m (6000 birds)

Lights: 35 x AquaRay MiniTile Red & 4 x AquaRay Strip NUV

Mounting: 5 rows of catenary wire at 2.9m height

Control: 1 x BioLumen Master Control Unit to allow flexible photoperiod control



• Both houses increased the number of eggs produced, but on average 3 more eggs per bird were produced in House 1 than House 2.

• Egg mass also improved across both houses, but again House 1 outperformed House 2 with an extra 0.48g per egg over House 2.

• The same amount of feed was used in both houses.

• Mortality in House 1 was 18% less than both previous flocks and House 2.




Anecdotally the stress levels in both houses were observed to be notably reduced when compared to the old fluorescent lighting system, and the birds in House 1 were perceived to be the calmest. Birds in both houses were ‘far better feathered’ at the end of the trial, with the manager saying that ‘the hens in House 1 looked at least 10 weeks younger than those in House 2’.



Biolumen lighting for layers offers a specific spectrum to improve the visual acuity of the birds and help them to recognise their conspecifics whilst also stimulating their reproductive systems.


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