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Indonesia coral reef partially restored
May . 06 / 2021

In a continuing struggle to save coral reefs devastated by climate change, Nature Conservancy (a global environmental organisation based in USA) and the pet brand Sheba have teamed up for a huge conservation project.

About 40,000 sq m of coral reef have already been restored by using frags mounted on special steel structure and involving the local communities; this is part of a plan that aims to revitalise a total of 185,000 sq m of coral reef around the world by 2029. A coral reef in Indonesia has been partially brough back to life increasing its coral cover from 5% to 55%.

This project led by the pet industry together with many others led by the aquarium industry are key solutions to our fight against the impact of climate change in coral reefs.

See here a short video from the BBC's David Shukman conversation with marine scientists about the project.