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Jewel Leopard Wrasse
Jun . 13 / 2018

Jewel Leopard Wrasse - (Macropharyngodon lapillus)

The Jewel Leopard Wrasse is a highly sought after wrasse belonging to the genus Macropharyngodon. This small, yet breathtaking wrasse has the signature spotted pattern of the Leopard Wrasse. The Jewel Leopard Wrasse has a red background colour with bluish-white leopard spots and six jewel-shaped markings down its side.

Adding this wrasse to an aquarium with well-established live rock and a mature sand bed several inches deep is highly recommended. It will need sand to burrow in for protection and to sleep in at night. In the wild, they tend to inhabit sand and rubble regions near coral reefs. To best recreate this habitat, be sure to provide large open spaces that allow access to the fine sand bed. The Jewel Leopard Wrasse will do best when introduced as juveniles and they will eat small invertebrates (foraminiferans and amphiopods) that grow on live rock.

The Jewel Leopard Wrasse can be a challenging fish to adapt to a captive environment, but in the hands of an experienced reef aquarist, who can provide the fish with the care and environment they need, it can thrive and make for an incredible display.

Common Name: Jewel Leopard Wrasse

Latin Name: Macropharyngodon lapillus

Area Found: Western Indian Ocean

Maximum Size Reached: 5 inches

Care Level: Advanced

Characteristics: Reef safe

Diet: Carnivore. Nori seaweed, brineshrimp, mysis shrimp, spirulina, marine flakes or pellets.