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Lighting and lighting control in research laboratories
Feb . 13 / 2020

Lighting and lighting control in research laboratories

If you work in a research facility you must have wondered how switching lights on and off affects the animals, right?

Last year we had the opportunity to host a webinar for the Zebrafish Husbandry Association, where we discussed some of the research done on the biological role of light and its effects on animals. Although, this focussed on zebrafish, the discussion covered themes that apply to the photobiology of all species typically used in research laboratories: 

- bridging the gap between research centres and available lighting solutions;
- an overview of how technology can support research husbandry to improve the quality and 
consistency of stock;
- and finally welfare standards within laboratory environments, and how light can help. 

The feedback was very positive and we look forward to working more with the ZHA.

Please contact us to learn more about modelling and managing photic environments for your research department.