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REEF-Pump Connect 5000 - Ultra Marine Magazine Review
Apr . 29 / 2021

“All-in-all, definitely a pump range worthy of consideration!”

"Although we’ve tested many return pumps over recent years, we are always interested in new offerings. Over the last year or so, there haven’t been too many of these hitting the market, so we jumped at the chance to examine one of TMCs REEF-Pump Connect units, which we originally spotted back at Aqua Telford in October 2019."

"So, looking at the REEF-Pump on paper first, we can see that this pump has a claimed maximum flow rate of 5000lph and a maximum head pressure of 5m. This makes it suitable for quite a wide range of tank sizes, from say around 300 to 700 litres (this is our rough estimate taking into account the sump chamber sizes and the ability to run the pump at reduced speeds)." 

"After running the Reef Pump first in a test setting (a large tub), and then in one of our working reef systems for a number of weeks, these are our initial impressions. Firstly, in terms of placement and connection, the Reef Pump presented no issues indeed its compact size made it really easy to install. In operation, the unit exhibits typical DC pump behaviour in that it is slightly audible at high power settings, and this drops off to virtually inaudible at low speeds. Although it is not the easiest thing to measure and prone to discrepancies unless a complex and expensive testing set-up is used, flow rate interestingly appeared to significantly exceed the manufacturers claims and we’d estimate that the pump actually moves more like 6000lph, certainly at low head pressure. In terms of control and versatility, we really like the controller and, as you may know if you’ve read our reviews before, we are confirmed fans of Bluetooth LE connectivity."

To learn more about this review please see the new edition of the Ultra Marine Magazine.

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