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RK2 Skimmers
Feb . 06 / 2020

We dont just manufacture and distribute quality filtration systems and system components, we also use them to run our own livestock facilities...giving us great hands on experience and confidence in the products we sell.

Investing in quality water filtration systems goes a long way to ensuring ideal water parameters, and healthy animals. Thats why when we overhauled our filtration systems at our London facility, we chose to use six of the RK2 150 protein skimmers as part of our LSS. These skimmers are trusted the world over in public aquaria and fish farming applications, with models capable of treating up to 450m3/hr! We are proud to have been working with RK2 for over 20 years, and cannot fault the build quality and performance of these beauties.

Get in touch if you want to discuss your skimming needs, or want to see them in operation.