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Rockpooling - A new way of seeing the sea
Jul . 27 / 2022

Those who live near the sea are incredibly lucky to have a closer look at the incredible tidal phenomenon. When the tide goes out, an incredible new world is discovered: all the little animals hide under the rocks to stay moist and hidden from predators. In recent times, a new trend has emerged, rockpooling, where this moment of nature is used to discover the small beings that are hidden under the rocks and in the small puddles.
Crabs, snails, shrimp, and small fish can be found, and sometimes even more surprising animals that usually live in other depths but were dragged by the sea currents or for other reasons, surprisingly appeared on the beach, such as small jellyfish.
Rockpooling is gaining supporters and some related to the aquarium hobby, and with a simple Google search, you can find “Guide to rockpooling”, “How to rockpooling, “Rockpool wildlife” etc. 
Please see an example of a Welsh Rockpool tank by Toxotes Hun, using our Reef Habitat 60. Simply gorgeous!

Rockpooling, is a new trend to watch out for…

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