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The Benefits of Garlic In Fish Food
Jul . 18 / 2018

In various scientific studies, garlic has been show to significantly promote growth, decrease mortality and increase antioxidant activity in fish.

Garlic is an effective appetite enhancer and the most powerful component of garlic is called allicin. Allicin is the chemical in garlic that has the power to actively and directly kill parasites and it has been shown in scientific studies to actively kill parasites including freshwater Ich, marine white spot (also known as marine Ich), and others.

When 0%, 1%, 2%, and 3% garlic supplementation was add to the food of Tilapia zillii, it was found that with the increase of supplementation, growth rate and survival rate also increased.

(Ajiboye, O.O., Yakubu, A.F., Simpa, J.O. and Balogun, S.A., 2016. Effect of Garlic-Supplemented Diets on Growth Response, Survival, Nutrient Utilization and Body Composition of Monosex Tilapia zillii. World, 8(2), pp.115-122).


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