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Ultra Marine Magazine Reef Habitat 50 review
Jul . 06 / 2021

"Whether you are a seasoned reefer, or perhaps someone looking to buy their very first tank, there can be a confusing variety of options. You could consider buying a bespoke system, creating your own from individual parts, or maybe purchasing an off-the-shelf system, all either new or used. While each method has its own merits, the use of an off the shelf system is perhaps one of the simplest routes to success given that the tank, cabinet, and often the key equipment too, have been made to work harmoniously. In this review we’ll take a look at one such system from major UK supplier and mainstay of the hobby for years, Tropical Marine Centre (TMC)."

"Take note here that TMCs “easy switch” system allows you to change these panels in the future if you so desire, perhaps if you redecorate or move house. The hex-head fixing bolts to release the panels are easily accessible on the inside even with the sump in place. Currently, available finish options are glossy black or white, oak, or the one we chose, modern limestone."

"On this subject, we observed that the textured finish on the outer panels seems both attractive and durable, and the base of the cabinet also looks resilient to water, being coated. The door was also very easy to fit and line-up, and note that there are soft close hinges plus a push-close mechanism built into the top panel of the cabinet."

"At this point we conclude our review as essentially the system has ticked all the boxes to prove itself fit for purpose and is ready to begin the fascinating process of transforming into a living miniature marine ecosystem through the careful addition of selected stock. Overall, the quality and set-up process exceeded our expectations and this system is not only of suitable quality, but also clearly well thought-out. In our opinion it offers a perfect entry level system"

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