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What's the connection between a reef tank and a race horse?
Feb . 06 / 2020

AquaRay Lighting has a double life! This lighting is not only available as a product for home aquaria - it is also a commercial product used by public aquaria, aquaculture and even agriculture facilities. 

Over the 12 years that TMC has been developing and selling LED lighting we have come to understand that we produce one of the most robust lighting packages available. When combined with our inhouse knowledge of the science of light and biology we realised that we fulfil a niche in the lighting market providing lighting designed specifically for the animals being lit, and so BioLumen was born - the commercial lighting division of Tropical Marine Centre Ltd. 

Animals (like humans) use light in two main ways - for sight via the visual system and for regulation of hormones via the endocrine system. Of course various species have evolved to very different environments, meaning that their light needs are wideranging. In the past the technology has not been available to do so, but now with LEDs we can tune lighting to the animal to ensure peak welfare and husbandry. Happier animals mean healthier and more productive animals. One such example is the use of Biolumen lighting to ensure race horses are in peak condition come race day! So that is the link between reef aquaria and race horses - the ability to use AquaRay lighting for best results!