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Reef Roller M - Manual Roller Filter

Reef Roller M - Manual Roller Filter
Reef Roller M - Manual Roller Filter
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REEF-Roller - Automatic Roller Filters Precision
Advanced automatic mechanical roller filters
• Filters aquarium water down to 50 microns and replaces the
need for high maintenance filter bag/filter sock systems
• Integrated water sensors (1 in Compact, 2 in Standard) ensure that as the filter roll material becomes clogged with detritus and waste, new filter material is automatically replaced ensuring constant removal of waste and fuss-free operation
• Precision engineered from the highest quality materials
• Compact, space-saving design allowing easy installation in most sumps*
• Accessible parts - for easy removal and replacement of filter roll and simple cleaning
• 45-metre long filter roll offering months of easy use
• Filtering capacity: up to 50 microns
• Maximum flow rate: REEF-Roller - 3000 l/hr
• Maximum aquarium size: REEF-Roller - 1000 l
• Low voltage/wattage (12v/6W)
*External mounting module may be required – sold separately*

Engineered Filters Water Down to 50 Microns Integrated Water Sensors Compact, Space- Saving Design Accessible Parts - Easy Maintenance and Cleaning Supplied With 45 Metre Filter Roll 12 Month Guarantee

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