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Reef-Tide 4000s 12v DC Wavemaker Pump UK

Reef-Tide 4000s 12v DC Wavemaker Pump UK
Reef-Tide 4000s 12v DC Wavemaker Pump UK
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•  High flow DC water circulation pump suitable for both salt and freshwater aquariums
•  Compact unobtrusive design allows the REEF-Tide Compact to be used and easily hidden in tanks where space is limited.
•  Interchangeable nozzles -  Innovative RotaFlo nozzle offers unique, varied wave motions and the JetFlo nozzle offers a directional stream flow.
•  Fully controllable and adjustable (using the supplied controller) with 4 pre-set wave patterns
•  Multiple time setting periods enable wave settings to be programmed to replicate the natural movement found on the reef
•  Push button “feed timer” slows the water flow for 10 minutes to allow fish to feed
•  Versatile and fully adjustable mounting using a strong, high quality magnet and anti-vibration rubber pads for quiet operation
•  Ceramic shaft propeller offers maximum performance and efficiency
•  Suitable for aquariums with glass/acrylic up to 15mm thick
•  Low voltage - 24v

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