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V2Skim 300 Compact Skimmer EU (300 litres/66 UK gallons)

V2Skim 300 Compact Skimmer EU (300 litres/66 UK gallons)
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Suitable for aquariums up to 300 litres/66 UK gallons with flow rate of approx 720 l/hr

• The next generation of high performance protein skimmers offering all the qualities of the award-winning V²Skim range but in a compact, hang-on design!
• Slimline design allows the V²Skim Compact to be discreetly and conveniently positioned on the back or side of any aquarium or sump.
• Space-saving integral pump and water intake system ensure minimal visual impact on the aquarium whilst delivering the optimum flow and the perfect mixture of  water and micro fine air bubbles.
• High performance, quality protein skimmer incorporating a highly efficient injection system which optimises the
perfect mixture of micro fine air bubbles and water and ensures intensive, efficient skimming and removal of proteins and other harmful toxins (waste) from the aquarium.
• Easy to remove collection cup enables quick and effortless maintenance and cleaning.
• User friendly water level adjustment dial allows water level to be finely tuned to ensure optimum foam consistency and highly efficient skimming.
• Ozone compatible (ozone connector included).

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