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Hi Fin Dwarf Parrot


Dwarf Parrots
Hi Fin Dwarf Parrot
Paracheilinus filamentosus
Place of origin: 
Western Pacific
Widespread Indonesia, PNG, Solomon Islands, and northern Great Barrier Reef. Some geographical variations of nuptial males, influenced by the presence of similar species. It occurs in small to large groups along deep slopes or on slopes at the base of drop-offs, usually at depths of 10m or more. Generally most common at about 25m depth. Males readily display to each other or to gravid females to spawn, flashing their colours whilst 'racing' past with erected fins. Males are most colourful where other similar species occur in the same area, such as Derawan where 3 species in the genus swim commonly on the same reefs. Hybrids with several congeners are common. Length to 10cm excluding filaments.

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