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GroBeam 1500 Ultima ND Natural Daylight UK

GroBeam 1500 Ultima ND Natural Daylight UK
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Solid State Aquarium Lighting Tile

• Wide-angle beam which allows the light unit to be mounted close to the aquarium surface for optimum and even light distribution.
• Can be easily hood mounted using the AquaRay MMS system.
• Uses high quality Natural Daylight Cree® XB-D PowerLEDs specified at 6500K.
• Emits over 2000 lumens, for full illumination of the freshwater biotope.

•  Uses the latest and brightest generation of Power LEDs available.
•  Offers a minimum of 50,000 hours lamp life - 6x standard fluorescent lighting.
•  Lowest running costs and highest useable output of light per unit of energy consumed, with all light output being visible and directed towards the aquarium.
•  Cool running with no noisy fans and minimal heat transfer to the aquarium water, reducing the need for expensive cooling systems.
•  Light-weight and compact design, with versatile mounting fixtures included, allowing a wide variety of replacement, retrofit and new install options on all sizes of aquaria.
•  Sealed, water-resistant casing and a low DC voltage power supply makes AquaRay easy and safe to use in all
•  Environmentally friendly - long-life, very low carbon footprint and NO MERCURY.
•  Future-proofed with built-in capability and compatibility for digital control including timing and dimming.
* Digital control not included.
•  Designed and manufactured by Tropical Marine Centre in the EU.

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