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Blackstripe Dottyback


Pygmy Basslets
Blackstripe Dottyback
Pseudochromis perspicillatus
Place of origin: 
Western Pacific
Blackstripe Dottyback, Pseudochromis perspicillatus,  occurs on silty coastal habitat with remote coral heads to soft bottom at shallow depths to about 25m.
Different colours like greyish body with a reddish belly, other specimens have a yellow belly, some are overall whitish with all having a black horizontal band on the upper body and a dark eye band from the snout to the gill area.
Discovered by Roger Lubbock in the 1970's and named after Richard Sankey, the founder of Tropical Marine Centre.

Basslets are small, tropical, and often colourful percoid fishes found on reefs. Most of these fishes feed on small swimming or crawling prey, usually remain small when fully grown, and often are exceptionally colourful. However, a few grow to medium size and some related species living in cool waters can reach about 50cm in length. The smaller, and usually the more colourful species are ideal candidates for the reef-aquarium that supports living corals or other various invertebrates.

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