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Gramma - Blackcap


Pygmy Basslets
Gramma - Blackcap
Gramma melacara
Place of origin: 
Mainly found in the north-western and southern Caribbean region, and less common in the rest of the region or north to the Bahamas. Various reef habitats with caves and crevices at 20m or more, reported to 130m depth. Often swimming with its belly orientated to wall or ceiling. Easily identified by the mostly purple colour, and dark area over the back from tip of snout, lower edge running through lower part of eye and up to dorsal fin, ending as a submarginal stripe. Large individuals, possibly males, with yellow scribbles in dark area on head. Length to 10cm.

Basslets are small, tropical, and often colourful percoid fishes found on reefs. Most of these fishes feed on small swimming or crawling prey, usually remain small when fully grown, and often are exceptionally colourful. However, a few grow to medium size and some related species living in cool waters can reach about 50cm in length. The smaller, and usually the more colourful species are ideal candidates for the reef-aquarium that supports living corals or other various invertebrates.

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