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Gramma - Royal


Pygmy Basslets
Gramma - Royal
Gramma loreto
Place of origin: 
Mainly in Caribbean region, and ranging north to the Bahamas. Various shallow protected reef habitats with caves and crevices to at least 60m depth. Easily identified by the purple and yellow colouration. Has yellow or dark stripe from tip of snout through eye to end of head, a second one from below eye over preopercle. An eye-sized black spot anteriorly in dorsal fin. Length to 8cm.

Basslets are small, tropical, and often colourful percoid fishes found on reefs. Most of these fishes feed on small swimming or crawling prey, usually remain small when fully grown, and often are exceptionally colourful. However, a few grow to medium size and some related species living in cool waters can reach about 50cm in length. The smaller, and usually the more colourful species are ideal candidates for the reef-aquarium that supports living corals or other various invertebrates.

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