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All rise, for the King is in Town!
Giu . 13 / 2018
TMC has recently received two Kingi Angelfish. These are very rare to the trade, and SUPER RARE at this size!

The Kingi or Tiger Angelfish (Apolemichthys kingi) is the "holy grail" of the Pomacanthidae family. They are often seen in small groups consisting of a male and several females on rocky offshore reefs at depths of 20 to 50 metres. Feeding on sponges, with no other angelfish that look anything like them, they are easy to identify.

The top half of the Kingi's body is black with wavy yellow lines, then the body graduates to a pale grey. The head and lower body is a sooty, dark grey with a black spot behind the head. Juveniles have fewer “tiger-stripes” and a yellow-edged and black dorsal fin base.

Common Name: Tiger angelfish

Latin Name: Apolemichthys kingi

Area Found: Western Indian Ocean: Natal, South Africa

Maximum Size Reached: 10 inches

Care Level: Advanced

Characteristics: Not reef safe

Diet: Carnivore. Nori seaweed, brineshrimp, mysis shrimp, spirulina, marine flakes or pellets