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V2Skim Pro 900 UK 900 litres/198 UK gallons

V2Skim Pro 900 UK 900 litres/198 UK gallons
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Suitable for aquariums up to 900 litres 

  • High performance, professional protein skimmer with advanced cone-shaped design and custom-designed needlewheel with venturi-driven air injection system.
  • The  V2Skim Pro’s conical body design ensures the optimum water-to-air contact time and naturally encourages the unrestricted concentration of bubbles upwards towards the collection cup for intensive, efficient skimming.
  • The unique, needlewheel injection system has been developed specifically to ensure the perfect mix of micro fine air bubbles and water within the cone-shaped body design for optimum skimming.
  • The integrated bubble diffusion plate ensures uniform dispersal of micro fine air bubbles across the entire skimmer column. 
  • The versatile design allows the V2Skim Pro to be used either as an external ‘hang-on’ skimmer or internally in a sump.
  • Supplied complete with a high performance needlewheel pump (with venturi) purpose-made to deliver the optimum flow rate required.  
  • Ozone compatible.
  • 12 month guarantee.

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