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V2iLumenAir Compact 50w c/w UK plug

V2iLumenAir Compact 50w c/w UK plug
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The TMC V2 iLumenAir Compact 50w LED Lighting System is suitable for tanks 450 - 500mm long x 450 - 500mm wide.
LED Colours:
White x 20w (6500k)
Red x 2w (640nm)
NUV x 2w (410nm violet)
Blue x 20w (465nm)

Compact high output and high PAR LED luminaire.
Integrated WIFI - fully controllable from a smart phone or tablet via the V2IlumenAir app.
Three separate channels 12000K White, 640nm Red and a mixed colour channel of 465nm Blue and NUV (410nm Violet)
Built in dimming and timing with a range of effects including storm function, cloud function, sunrise, sunset, twilight and moonlight
Acclimation function - gradually adjusts the lighting output of the V2IlumenAir over a 10 day period to help prevent light shock when corals are introduced to the Aquarium.
Multiple levels of power and colour control
Thermal cut-out to protect the LED's from overheating
Supplied with fully adjustable tank mount system that allows for easy adjustment of height and positioning over the Aquarium.

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