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Seafighter - Midnight


Pappagalli nani
Seafighter - Midnight
Cirrhilabrus joanallenae
Luogo d'origine: 
Oceano Indiano

Only known from Sumatra, but probably ranges from Andaman Sea to Java Seas. Often exported from Bali in the aquarium trade. Closely related to Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis from the Red Sea and it is not clear if the species are actually geographical variations or it they overlap in range. Latter is doubtful but a specimen in the aquarium trade received from Sri Lanka could be either species. The large males in both species have large dark ventral fins that are reed in C.rubriventralis and black in C.joanallenae, but apart from colour there are slight differences in meristics such as pectoral fin count. Occurs on rubble slopes in 20-40m depth. Length to 85mm.

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