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Australian Blue Tail Tang


Australian Blue Tail Tang
Acanthurus dussumieri
Luogo d'origine: 
Widespread Indo-Pacific, Africa to Hawaii. Adults mainly on deep coastal reef slopes and outer reef walls, often on deep shipwrecks. Juveniles coastal on algae-rocky reef. Distinguished by the white peduncular spine from the very similar A.blochii and A.xanthopterus. Juveniles dusky with yellowish dorsal fin and pale whitish tail. Length to 50cm.
The common name "surgeonfish" is derived from a characteristic that clearly distinguishes Acanthuridae from other fish families: the spines or "scalpels" on the caudal peduncle, one or more on each side. Based primarily on differences in this characteristic, the family can be divided into three subfamilies: The Acanthurinae, in which the peduncular spine  rests in a groove and can be erected in defence during the fights, the Nasinae and Prionurinae in which the peduncular feature is arranged as one or more fixed blades on each side, that are sharp and elongate with age.

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