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TMC Protein Skimmer PSW5500P

TMC Protein Skimmer PSW5500P
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Effectively removes dissolved proteins and organic matter.
 Dedicated venturi pump suitable for use with ozone.
 Designed for siting alongside or above a system reservoir.
 Easy to service, clean and maintain.
 Internal saltwater cone wash system prevents slime build up.
 External freshwater rotating foam cup wash system removes collected surfactants via foam cup drain.

• Effective removal of dissolved proteins and other organic matter.

• All units feature venturi gas injection via an included, dedicated Venturi pump and are suitable for use with ozone.

• A gate/ball valve on the exit pipe is used to control the water flow and foam height inside the skimmer.

• All units are designed to be sited alongside or above a system reservoir.

• All Tropical Marine Centre System Protein Skimmers feature our unique, flexible double O-Ring inlet and outlet boss system.

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