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Aquatic Retail

Tropical Marine Centre has been supplying sustainably sourced marine livestock into the pet retail sector for 50 years. Over this period, we have been maintaining our own recirculating filtration systems for both fish and invertebrates as well as low nutrient SPS coral systems. From this background we have designed and developed a range of filtration systems to suit a variety of aquatic applications. Our centralised filtration systems are popular plug and play solutions for fish and coral holding systems. We are also able to supply filtration components to extend or upgrade existing systems, as well as a range of monitoring and control equipment

Our new photocatalytic TitanUVs are up to a third more effective at sterilisation than a standard UV system. These enhanced UV sterilisers improve water clarity through the production of hydroxyl radicals which work to oxidise organic and in-organic matter in the water, without any negative effect on inhabitants. The bodies are based on our tried and tested Commercial UVs, meaning an upgrade is a simple switch out.

Our comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions can also be tailored to suit fish only rack systems, as well as high light demanding plants and corals. 

Aside from award winning filtration and lighting for your shop systems, we are also able to support your enterprise with own use synthetic Tropic Marin salt, Gamma frozen, dry and liquid foods as well as Freezer deals. Please contact your local site or sales representative for more information.