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Complete Depuration Systems

Depuration (purification) refers to the process whereby shellfish such as mussels and oysters are placed in specially designed filtration systems to reduce bacterial levels to below set thresholds prior to human consumption. 

Our complete plug and play Small Scale Shallow Tank Depuration system has been designed according to the Seafish standard design, ensuring that strict operating guidelines are met. 

We are also able to supply pumps, flow meters and UV sterilisers for any customised depuration system requirements, as well as protein skimmers and ozone generators to further enhance water quality. The YSIDO200 handheld meter is widely used for spot checking dissolved oxygen levels, and for those requiring ongoing monitoring and control equipment; the Senect range is powerful enough to monitor, control, log and provide alarm notifications, as well as remote access via a smart phone. 

Where clean seawater is not available, our synthetic sea salt can be used, and in applications using ozone, we have a low bromine salt available too.

Depuration System