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Terms of use

By using the Tropical Marine Centre website you agree to the following Terms of Use:-
1. You may not reproduce or distribute, or cause to be reproduced or distributed, any image or material that you retrieve from the website, without the express prior permission of Tropical Marine Centre.  This includes images that are marked with an embossed copyright notice or any image or video without the copyright mark which has clearly been taken from this website.
2. You may link to Tropical Marine Centre website pages in their entirety but you must make it clear that you are linking to Tropical Marine Centre website material.
3. You may not use any linking or Tropical Marine Centre website content pages to advertise livestock that has not been supplied by Tropical Marine Centre.
4. We are happy to discuss usage of our images and, under some circumstances, might allow usage for research and/or educational projects.
5. If you would like to display Tropical Marine Centre website livestock images, video or other content on your website to promote stocked livestock that you have purchased from Tropical Marine Centre then please email [email protected]
6. Products manufactured or distributed by Tropical Marine Centre can only be displayed on a website when the product is available and in stock at the time of advertising.
7. Tropical Marine Centre reserves the right to make a charge of £10 per day per image from the date of notification, for any usage of content published to the web without written permission or where any of the conditions above have been broken.                                                                                                               

Please note that livestock images, other than TMC Premium Livestock, are stock images and not of the actual items in stock. Livestock delivered on your order may appear slightly differently to the stock item image on our Dealer Portal and Website. These variations in colour and/or morphology may be as a result of being sourced from multiple geographical locations, be changing from juvenile to adult colouration, or be a Tank Bred variant. These natural variations are not under the control of TMC, and as such, TMC cannot be held liable for any consequence as a result.

These Terms of Use should be read in conjunction with our Privacy and Cookies Policy