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Tropical Marine Centre first presented its “LEGO® Reef Scape” at a trade exhibition in Europe, as a way of “sharing the cost” with Mother Nature by reducing the number of precious live animals on display. It was also a stunning exhibit in its own right, used to entertain and surprise visitors to the stand. Part made by nature and part made by TMC and Bright Bricks, it showcased both nature’s beauty and complexity and our skill and ingenuity.
The ReefScape Model Series developed from this original exhibit, and there are now 15 models to collect, representing some of the amazing creatures found in our seas and oceans.


The Signature range consists of stylish, high clarity aquariums manufactured from Optiwhite (low iron) premium quality glass for super clear, true to nature viewing. Their rimless and braceless design ensures unobstructed view from all angles and a minimalist look, with discreet black or clear silicone joints.
These aquariums are perfect for marine, tropical and planted displays and are available in 450mm, 600mm and 900mm widths. A range of co-ordinating, stylish aquarium cabinets are available in Glacier White, Carbon Grey and Charcoal Black.  

TMC Aquarium is the umbrella brand covering Tropical Marine Centre's range of market leading aquarium equipment.



Biosystems (ex TMC Commercial), a division of Tropical Marine Centre Ltd, specialises in the manufacture and supply of plug and play recirculation filtration systems suitable for a range of applications including pet shops, public aquaria, R&D facilities, shellfish holding, depuration and fish farming. Biosystems expertise is based on more than 45 years of hands-on operational experience with its own state of the art recirculating filtration systems across its 4 fish-holding sites (in London, Manchester, Bristol and Lisbon), the Company has an in-depth understanding of this equipment and has been able to refine and test its designs before releasing them for sale.

V2 is the marketing-leading brand consisting of affordable aquarium equipment and accessories including UV sterilisers, protein skimmers, calcium reactors, fluidised sand bed filters, pumps, heaters, RO units, ozonisers and lighting.