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New Gamma Nutra Foods Range Proving Popular!
Feb . 26 / 2018

The Gamma Nutra Food range, which was launched at the end of last year, is proving very popular with hobbyists and the fish in their care, even traditionally finicky feeders.

TMC’s team of livestock experts and marine biologists have a huge wealth of knowledge in commercial aquaculture feed design, and in the early 1990s, TMC used this expertise to develop its own formulations of nutritionally complete dry feeds for its on-site hatchery, where up to 150,000 clownfish of different varieties were reared to a saleable size each year.

These specially formulated diets allowed TMC to achieve many breeding successes - at the end of 1997, the TMC hatchery became the first centre in the world to successfully breed significant numbers of Fire Shrimps (Lysmata debelius) and in 1999 TMC had the same success with Pipefishes (Doryhamphus multiannulatus), with a significant number of juveniles being raised to maturity.

This background in aquaculture and feed manufacture, together with the Company's expertise in feeding the many fish, corals and other invertebrates imported each year, led TMC to develop its own range of foods, starting with Gamma Frozen Foods, then Gamma Dry Seaweed both of which are market leaders. 

Knowing that its livestock and fish houses, as well as home aquarists, could benefit from the convenience of a full range of frozen, liquid and dry feeds, TMC carried out a great deal of research and development to come up with the new Gamma Nutra range.

Included in this range are Gamma NutraShots - pre-mixed, ready to use food balls which can be stuck easily to the side of a tank to give a close up view of fish feeding, as well as stimulating natural grazing and feeding responses - and Gamma NutraPellets - soft pre-mixed sinking pellets. Both of these products come in "Complete", "Vitality Boost" and "Algae & Colour Boost" varieties, and are suitable for all aquarium inhabitants.

Gamma NutraPlus food suspensions are liquid foods suitable for a range of fish and inverts, and there are currently 8 suspensions available including a dedicated Reef Food plus two products specifically developed for LPS and SPS corals. These suspensions are an ultra convenient way of getting all the benefits of Gamma Frozen Foods without the need for a freezer. New products being added soon!

The final product in the range is the Gamma NutraSpray, which can be sprayed on any frozen or dry food to boost vitality, colour or just to help encourage your fish to feed.

With prices starting from just £4.99 it's not surprising that this product is flying off the shelves!