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V2Skim Surface Skimmer

V2Skim Surface Skimmer
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  • In many aquariums a high percentage of accumulated dissolved proteins, detritus and waste material is found in the top few centimetres of the water.
  • Most conventional aquarium filters cannot process this water as they generally draw and filter the water from the lower levels of  the aquarium.
  • As a result, a build up of detritus, proteins and organics can occur on the surface of the water which can lead to poor water quality and also to the deterioration of oxygen  exchange and light penetration into the aquarium.
  • By installing this new V2Skim Compact Surface Skimmer this problem can be simply solved. Water can be drawn into your filter or protein skimmer from both the surface and the lower levels of the aquarium providing a significant increase in the removal of dissolved proteins, detritus and waste material from the aquarium and an overall improvement in water quality.
  • Unique patented floating intake strainer which automatically adjusts to changes in water level within the aquarium.
  • Dual water intakes allow water to be drawn in from both the surface and lower levels within the aquarium.
  • User friendly design allows for simple cleaning and maintenance.
  • Universal connection allows for easy installation with ‘hang on the back’ type filters, external filters and also with the V2Skim 300 & 500 Compact Protein Skimmers (modified intake strainers are required for connection to the V2Skim Compact Protein Skimmers – not supplied but sold separately).

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