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Oceanário de Lisboa with an innovative project in corals reproduction
Dec . 02 / 2022

Since 1998, Oceanário de Lisboa has carried out the asexual reproduction of corals, managing to replicate colonies from coral fragments. In 2021, a project for the sexual reproduction of corals began, based on the induction of gonad maturation and gamete release, through the recreation of seasonal variations such as photoperiod, temperature, and the lunar cycle, becoming one of the first Oceanariums in the world to do that.

We are very proud to be associated with leading research teams such as Lisbon Oceanarium and Horniman museum through supply, coordination and procurement of species for experiments taking place at the same time in different parts of the planet with species originating from the same location.


The corals used in this experiment come from Australia, Acroporas tenuis and millepora and Goniastrea palauensis, the latter species being the first time that reproduction was induced, according to the Oceanário.

This recently developed reproduction technique allows scientific studies to be carried out that previously depended entirely on obtaining gametes in the wild. The Oceanário has the knowledge and technical capacity to maintain and reproduce corals in a controlled environment, an advantage that allows it to collaborate with other scientific institutions.

The objective for the future will be to increase the number of species that can be reproduced in an aquarium, contributing to the conservation of corals by increasing knowledge of the life cycle of the various species in cooperation with projects dedicated to the recovery of reefs.

Photo Credit: Oceanário de Lisboa website