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AquaBeam 600 Ultima NUV Single UK

AquaBeam 600 Ultima NUV Single UK
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• Uses 5 x 410nm near-ultra violet LEDs to create a STUNNING effect in your aquarium when in a darkened room
• This 410nm wavelength will make corals fluoresce (as well as some other critters and fish) and has been shown to improve the red pigmentation in certain deep water coral species such as Lobophyllia and Trachyphyllia
• The addition of this wavelength makes LED lighting look even closer to natural sunlight - truly the most true to nature lighting solution you can buy!
• A single strip will light a large aquarium up to 650 litres

  • Rugged ABS, aluminium and acrylic housing sealed to IP67
  • Wide beam angle (120°)
  • Factory serviceable • Suitable for all types of aquaria
  • Creates natural shimmer effect
  • Uses Cree®LED technology*
  • Fully controllable**
  • Low voltage
  • Low power consumption (12W) and low running costs
  • High energy efficiency
  • Long life
  • No bulb replacements
  • Wide range of mounting options available using the MMS Modular Mounting System
  • Hand built in the UK

* 2 year guarantee on PSU and 5 year guarantee on lamp unit if unit is registered with us. If not registered, a statutory 2 year guarantee applies on both lamp unit and PSU (proof of purchase required).

Available in UK, EU, US and AUS versions

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